Don Pablo Colombian Supremo



Whole Bean Colombian Supremo Coffee

The story of Cafe Don Pablo began in Colombia – and now, we’re proud to showcase the best that Colombian coffee has to offer with our world-class Colombian Supremo coffee. We source this from the lush, high-altitude coffee fields of Colombia, using only the finest beans in each small-batch roast. The beans feature a sweet, rich, and smooth flavor profile with a medium body and a light acidity for citrusy notes. Then, we carefully roast the beans to add a slight caramelization to the natural sugars in the bean, providing the perfect notes of roastiness, walnut, and dark chocolate to the natural brighter flavors of the coffee. The result is a blend of sweet citrus and smooth dark chocolate that balances into truly superb cup. Try it today!

100% Arabica Coffee, GMO-free.

Our Colombian is also available in a Water-Process Decaf.

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