Nicaragua Maragogipe (Elephant Beans) 12 oz bag


This special variety of Arabica coffee is referred to as “Elephant Beans” because they grow to almost twice as large as normal coffee. They were first discovered in Maragogipe, Bahia in Brazil, and are now grown around South and Central America. They are rare because they mature very slowly, and the production is also a lot lower.

Maragogipe coffee’s flavor varies depending on the soil where it grows, these were grown in the volcanic rich soil of Finca Los Papales area of Nicaragua, at approximately 1688 meters over the sea level.

After harvesting, the Elephant Beans are processed naturally where they are dried with their natural sugars before separating the fruit from the coffee bean. This produces a more pronounced, complex, fruity aroma and mild, pleasant acidity. Roasted just right to a Medium level to retain their flavor notes of pineapple, green apple, and tangerine.  Fruity, clean, bright and sweet with a very clean finish with low acidity.

We have a very limited supply of these special beans, so try some today!

12 oz. bag



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