Don Pablo Signature Blend Single Serve Cups


Latin American Coffee K Cups

At Cafe Don Pablo, we’re proud to uphold a proud heritage of premium, high-quality Latin American coffee – and now, you can enjoy that same standard of quality in a convenient, single-serving package. Our Don Pablo Signature Blend Single Serve Coffee Cups offer one of our most popular Latin American coffees in a convenient package that fits any Keurig-style K cup brewing machine. All you need to do is pop in one of our coffee K cups, place your mug below it, and hit the brew button. In minutes, you’ll be transported to the lush fields of South America to enjoy a truly world-class cup of coffee!

These coffee K cups feature Don Pablo’s Signature Blend, a rich and complex cup that exemplifies the best characteristics of Latin coffee. We use a premium blend of Colombian, Brazilian, and Guatemalan coffees to create a vibrant brew with bright sweetness, pleasant low acidity, and a smooth, cocoa-toned finish that will bring a smile to anyone’s lips. Ready to find out what makes Don Pablo a name beloved throughout the Americas? Try our Don Pablo’s Signature Blend K Cups today!