Specialty Coffee Sampler Box



Are you a huge coffee drinker who loves trying a variety of roasts and flavors? Or are you looking for the perfect gift for your coffee-loving friend or family member? Either way, you will love our Specialty Coffee Sampler Box! This set contains three of our most popular coffees in 12 oz. bags, so you can try them all, or gift them to friends. Each bag of specialty coffee is made from only the highest quality 100% gourmet Arabica beans, so whether you buy a box for yourself, or as a gift, you can be sure that you’re getting really good coffee curated by people who love a good cup just as much as you. Whether you need whole beans or the finest ground espresso, choose the grind type that suits you and enjoy each of these delicious coffees on slow weekend mornings or after dinner with guests. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a box of three incredibly delicious gourmet coffees today!

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