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Whole Bean Coffee Gift Box

At Cafe Don Pablo, we’re proud to produce the finest Latin American coffees using age-old, traditional coffee farming methods – and if you’re looking for a great gift for a coffee lover, our coffee sampler boxes are perfect! We’ve combined some of our most popular coffees in 12 oz sampler bags, all packaged in a beautiful gift box with custom-printed graphics and info on each specialty coffee inside. Any coffee lover is sure to fall for these premium Latin coffees!

Gift Box 1

Our first coffee gift box features three of our flagship coffee: Don Pablo’s Signature Blend, Subtle Earth Organic, and Pablo’s Pride Honduran Dark Roast.

  • Signature Blend: This premium combination of Colombian, Guatemalan, and Semi-Washed Brazilian coffee beans produces a smooth, balanced coffee with notes of milk chocolate, cedar, and bright red ripe tomatoes. The coffee features a medium to full body with sweet acidity and a smooth, cocoa-toned finish.
  • Subtle Earth Organic: This deep, chocolatey full-bodied coffee is ideal for coffee drinkers who care about our planet. The premium beans are roasted medium-dark to bring out round notes of dark chocolate, combined with sweet milk chocolate, honey, and caramel, all with a clean finish and full body. This coffee is CCOF-certified organic and made using traditional farming methods with no chemical inputs.
  • Pablo’s Pride Honduran Dark Roast: This rich, full-bodied dark roast coffee offers a deep chocolatey flavor balanced by notes of honey, caramel, and cocoa. The roasting process fully caramelizes the coffee’s sugars, producing a rich and complex flavor palate, and the beans are certified organic by the CCOF.

Gift Box 2

Our second coffee gift box features a mix of darker roast coffees: Rocco’s Classic Italian Espresso, Pablo’s Pride Guatemala, and CharBeanz Dark Roast Coffee.

  • Pablo’s Pride Guatemala: This rich, chocolatey coffee offers a remarkable depth of flavor with a smooth-as-velvet body, all balanced by low acidity and a clean caramel and cocoa finish. We use a medium-dark roast to lightly caramelize the sugars fo the bean, providing a slight touch of roastiness alongside the naturally sweet flavors of the coffee.
  • Rocco’s Classic Italian Espresso: This special combination of Colombian, Sumatran, and Brazilian coffee beans perfectly emulates the espresso you’d find in the Old Country. The blend provides a complex flavor profile balanced by smooth low acidity, all while producing a rich, thick golden crema and a classic Italian style and finish. It’s perfect for espresso, but it shines just as well when brewed as drip coffee!
  • CharBeanz DARK Coffee: Our CharBeanz coffee blend is not for the faint of heart! We start with premium South and Central American Arabica beans, them fire them at a full 453º Fahrenheit to fully caramelize the sugars and produce an intense, smoky flavor. The result is an extra-bold, extra dark coffee without the bitterness or bad taste of inferior or burned coffee beans. It’s a dark, smoky coffee that’s still smooth to drink, perfect for lovers of dark coffee!
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